An overview of Digital Marketing

An overview of Digital Marketing

In this article Ill talk about the reasons, benefits,advantages, circumstances that make digital marketing,the number one trend of 2020, and beyond. Further ill list out the reasons that make hiring a digital marketing agency, a way to go , in the future

Why Digital Marketing

Trackable: Digital marketing is highly trackable, with various available tools you can track the activity of your customers, and you can easily know which content they watch before taking the decision to buy. This way you can fine tune & tweak your content and select the one that is most effective whereas remove the one that doesn’t convert well.

Affordable: Digital marketing is much more affordable than traditional marketing and you can start off on a very small budget. This works great for small organizations and startups.

Flexible: There is a wide range of methods to do digital marketing e.g. content marketing, social media marketing, display ads, banner ads, e-mail marketing etc. You have the flexibility to test and improve on your best functioning campaigns while eliminating the others.

High Engagement through Multimedia: You can engage your customers through a full array of media including audios, videos & photos etc.

Interactive: Digital marketing allows you a two way communication. You can receive comments, messages, reviews etc. This way the customers feel more important and it provides you with valuable insights and feedback.

Analytics: There are lots of tools that can provide you with analysis on customer behavior, demographics, which devices and platforms and operating systems they use. All this allows you to make you targeting easy and more efficient.

Round -the- clock: All the processes of digital marketing can be automated and pre-scheduled. This makes your business run on autopilot and that to round- the- clock (even while you sleep)

Worldwide reach: The internet has removed all the geographical boundaries and you can now easily cater to and reach a global audience through your digital marketing efforts.

Economic trends & Government policies that favor digital marketing

Increase in average household income: India is a developing economy and generally everyone’s income is growing on an annual basis which gives them the higher purchasing/spending power. This is one of the main factors to fuel the growth of online business and digital marketing.

Increasing average age: The majority population of our country is youth with an average growing age and thus their economic and material needs are ever increasing. This has in turn boosted online sales.

Increasing number of bank accounts and credit cards:  for the last many years now, the number of bank accounts and credit cards have grown manifolds. This provides the backbone for online transactions.

Increasing number of internet connections and mobile internet: Online transactions are not possible without internet so, as the usage of internet is growing so are the online transactions

Increasing number of laptops/mobile phones/tablets: Everyone is online these days as the number of laptops/mobile phones/tablets has grown exponentially. This provides the necessary infrastructure to make online transactions possible

The Government of India has started the digital India initiative to promote online payments/transactions after demonetization

Digital marketing scenario post pandemic: Digital marketing has become even more relevant during/after the pandemic (covid 19) due to the following factors:-

  • Increase in duration of average online time spent
  • Mass shift in world trade in India’s favor
  • More & more businesses are going online
  • Everyone wants to become future ready for any further pandemics

What can digital marketing do for your business?

Better customer service: Online digital channels can help you serve your customers in real time. You can answer to their queries and complaints promptly and increase their level of satisfaction.

Help retain customers: With digital marketing automation you can keep selling different products to your customers and with active engagement and constant feedback you can win lifetime loyalty.

Decrease marketing costs: Adopting digital marketing methods can severely cut down marketing costs.

Improve quality of product/services: With digital marketing you can target different segments of customers. You can release your product to a very small audience, collect feedback and improve it before launching it, all out, on large scale thus cutting down chances of any major failure.

Improve competitiveness: With digital marketing you can respond to emerging trends in the market at lightning speed. You can also easily collect data on what your customers are doing, all this helps you stay ahead of your competition.

Increase business intelligence: With various digital marketing tools you can collect and analyze lots of data and prepare comprehensive reports. All these add to the knowledge/intelligence pool of the business and intelligence is the key to success in today’s competitive world.

Expand coverage of marketing: With digital marketing you can target new segments and avenues with ease and efficiency

Areas(SKILLS) of digital marketing

  • Website setup and design
  • Search engine optimization
  • Search engine marketing
  • Infographics
  • Content marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Digital analytics

Why digital marketing agency

Cost effective: Hiring a digital marketing agency helps you position yourself online very quickly at minimal cost, much lesser than establishing an in-house department

Access to ready expertise: Digital marketing is a complex process that requires a plethora of skills, to perform effectively. When you hire an agency you engage experts (in various skills) to take care of your business

Integrated and latest updated strategy: To be really successful with digital marketing you need a comprehensive strategy that combines all the key elements in a coherent manner, your agency will do all this for you. Furthermore, digital marketing agencies are equipped with the knowledge of latest changes and updates(to algorithms) that are released by the search engines and social-media platforms. this allows them to provide you with an updated strategy.

Analysis and evaluation of competition: A digital marketing agency can provide you with data and analysis about your competitors’ strategies, strengths & weaknesses to assist you to position yourself advantageously.

Vast experience. Usually a digital marketing agency handles several accounts/clients and caters to a wide range of industries, therefore they have vast experience with what works and what doesn’t.

Tools and technology: Many softwares, tools,plugins,technologies etc. are required to conduct efficient digital marketing. These can cost a whole lot of money and are very complex to operate. Agencies already have these at their disposal.

I think this article must have given you a broad picture of the overall scenario and must feel well equipped to take the decision whether you want to hire an agency for your digital marketing needs.

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